English Version (the work of Infoseek that is one of the best translator.)

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HN   -less s sword
Reading of HN   輩供 which thought about ignorance and reading existed with how many persons in the past, and reading of each-other gap did not come to obtain the approval of him, either.
Since "it becomes Nothing [ s ] etc.", we cannot recommend you. [ which is incidentally changed by "mustou" ]
birth date   198 x month, x x eight days (|x|<4),
BMI   20.1
Bench press   MAX 60kg
Place of residence   " of a weather report Capital Tonan part It belongs to the area which should refer to ".
A favorite TV program   A detective night scoop, projectX
He doubts.   It will 即逮捕, if a mouse man exists really.
The character of a man of an ideal   Those who can use mind.
NAMEKKU-星如き-planet-etc.-destroying [ which can manipulate mighty energy to the extent that it breaks also in new style SUKAUTA ], if it becomes -- 容 -- being easy.
Favorite language   Well, it is JOJO った et al. A bad person
One required for world peace   たこちゅー



How kind, it was found.